Flake or Fluff: An Open Letter to Senator Jeff Flake


Today we gathered outside of Senator Jeff Flake’s Phoenix office, while miles away in New Hampshire he was giving a speech, on of all things, “A Rejection of Destructive Politics and a Return to Principle.” Granite State Progress, our New Hampshire partner, held a simultaneous action with the same theme outside Flake’s speech. We will continue to call on Flake to match … Read More

Top Ten Worst Arizonans in 2016


A look back on the worst of the worst…. Arizona’s Republican legislators seem to be competing for worst legislature in the country. These were the people who created SB1070, and SB1062, which legalized LGBTQ discrimination. This year they refused to follow the law and a court order requiring they fully fund K-12 education. After the city of Tempe banned plastic … Read More