The Mission.

ProgressNow Arizona Institute is dedicated to educating Arizonans on issues of public concern while encouraging civic engagement.

Training and Coaching

We provide training, coaching and support on press outreach, digital organizing, website and database maintenance, and more to the organizations at the One Arizona table and to the One Arizona coalition as a whole. If you’re part of a One Arizona member organization and want to work with us, get in touch with C3 Communications Coordinator Edder Martinez,



We also conduct public opinion research, including the Arizona narrative project. More information on that is available here:


Educating the Public

Finally, we educate the public on key public policy issues, ranging from voting rights to education to healthcare. You can find some of our recent work here. Much of the content produced by the ProgressNow Arizona Institute is posted online by our sister organization ProgressNow Arizona -- check out our Facebook page and Twitter for more.


Education and civic engagment for The Public

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