Governor Doug Ducey: The Trump Administrations Governor

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Doug Ducey has gladly and warmly supported Trump since he was the nominee for president. He attended the Republican National Convention and applauded Trump’s nomination. When Trump was in Phoenix on August 22, Doug Ducey warmly greeted him at the airport and after the rally said he was “very supportive” of many parts of Trump’s agenda. In a July 2016 … Read More

The 5 Biggest Lies Ducey Told at Tonight’s Debate


Last night was the first debate in the Arizona governor’s race, featuring David Garcia (Democrat), Angel Torres (Green Party), and Doug Ducey (Republican). The debate was full of political spin and outright lies from Governor Doug Ducey, who often appeared frustrated and balked on hard questions on education and his record. Here are the top five biggest whoppers and most … Read More

Here Are Ten Major Scandals that Hit Arizona in July

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In Arizona there’s two things we always seem to have plenty of: sunshine and corrupt politicians. But these past few weeks have been particularly bad on the scandal and general-terrible-ness front. Perhaps the state’s leaders have been drinking too much of George Johnson’s dirty water? We wanted to help you keep track of what’s been happening — here’s a round-up of … Read More

Second Week of AZWatergate Corruption Trial: A Dark Web of Connections

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Last week was the second week of the AZWatergate Corruption trial and the tentacles of scandal have reached Governor Doug Ducey, Chamber of Commerce CEO Glenn Hamer, and APS. Why does this matter? It’s beginning to reveal a dark web of connections between power-hungry politicians who are striving to control Arizona–all the way up to the governor’s office. Make no … Read More

An Ex-Wife, Bribery, Dirty Water and A Used Car Dealership- The First Week of the #AZWatergate Corruption Trial

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The biggest Arizona corruption scandal in years is in court this week and already sordid details are coming out about how powerful politicians, a lobbyist and long time pal of Doug Ducey, a commissioner, and a shady water utility owner all took advantage of everyday people to line their own pockets. See more about this scandal here The trial started last … Read More

Showing Governor Ducey That Tucson is Still #RedforEd

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In the span of just a few weeks, #RedforEd successfully pushed Governor Ducey to go from offering 1{28335ed37dd724deee500aa029442e0d9d58206d63320e844ba7e9fe720a29c1} teacher raises to calling for 20{28335ed37dd724deee500aa029442e0d9d58206d63320e844ba7e9fe720a29c1}. But that doesn’t mean the movement is over. Ducey’s plan isn’t a long-term solution: it’s full of budget gimmicks and empty promises, not to mention an extra tax imposed just on Tucson residents. On Thursday, Ducey … Read More

Teachers Vote to Walk Out!


For the first time in Arizona history, teachers across the state are about to walk out to demand better for their schools and students. This was not a decision made lightly. But educators are doing what needs to be done. Our schools are missing $1.1 billion in funding, and so far, our legislature and our governor have offered no serious solutions. Stealing money from … Read More

Top Lobbyist Recorded on Tape Admitting Real Goal of School Vouchers To Shift Taxpayer Money to Enrich Private Schools

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One of Arizona’s most powerful lobbyists has been caught on tape saying Arizona’s school voucher program should come with as little student accountability as possible, and telling private-school operators how they can benefit from the program that uses taxpayer dollars. Cathi Herrod is a lobbyist for Center for Arizona Policy and is close to Governor Doug Ducey. Listen to the … Read More

Somehow, things just got worse for Doug Ducey


Just when it seemed that things couldn’t get any worse for Governor Doug Ducey, they did. Arizona’s governor is now facing a major rebellion from teachers fed up with years of bottom-of-the barrel pay and inadequate school funding. Thousands of teachers rallied at the capitol on Wednesday, wearing stickers with a phrase that would strike fear into any governor’s heart: … Read More