Calling on McSally to Fund Our Lands & Water


In a state like Arizona, there are few things more important than protecting our water supply.  That’s why Progress Now Arizona is pushing for full funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund, which helps protect our aquifers and watersheds. It also supports public lands and outdoor recreation, paying for everything from playground equipment at local parks to trail maintenance … Read More

How Arizona Legislators Collaborated with Anti-Vaxxer Disinformation Groups

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In 2019, Arizona State Senator Paul Boyer and State Representative Nancy Barto introduced three anti-vaccine bills (HB2470/SB114, SB2471/SB115 and HB2472/SB116) despite the clear and overwhelming consensus that vaccines are safe, effective, and necessary to protect public health.  Now, public records unearthed by Equity Forward show that Barto and Boyer collaborated with anti-vaxxer groups like the National Vaccine Information Center and … Read More

Progress Now Arizona Calls on Senator McSally to Block Attempt to Defund Land and Water Conservation Fund

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For Immediate ReleaseContact: Emily Kirkland, 646 623 5271, PHOENIX, ARIZ. (OCT. 30, 2019) Today, the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) is under attack in the U.S. Senate. An amendment introduced by Senator Lee (R-UT) would divert funds away from the LWCF and further endanger the natural spaces that so many in Arizona love. The Senate is expected to vote … Read More

ProgressNow Arizona Launches The Progress Score to Hold Legislators Accountable

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Phoenix–Today ProgressNow Arizona, in collaboration with Arizona Advocacy Network, LUCHA, Indivisible Arizona, Sierra Club, CHISPA AZ, Planned Parenthood Arizona and many more, released its first ever Progress Score, a report card grading Arizona state legislators on how courageously they represented their constituents against the corporations and special interests in the 2019 legislative session. The Progress Score allows Arizonans to see … Read More

Governor Doug Ducey: The Trump Administrations Governor

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Doug Ducey has gladly and warmly supported Trump since he was the nominee for president. He attended the Republican National Convention and applauded Trump’s nomination. When Trump was in Phoenix on August 22, Doug Ducey warmly greeted him at the airport and after the rally said he was “very supportive” of many parts of Trump’s agenda. In a July 2016 … Read More

The 5 Biggest Lies Ducey Told at Tonight’s Debate


Last night was the first debate in the Arizona governor’s race, featuring David Garcia (Democrat), Angel Torres (Green Party), and Doug Ducey (Republican). The debate was full of political spin and outright lies from Governor Doug Ducey, who often appeared frustrated and balked on hard questions on education and his record. Here are the top five biggest whoppers and most … Read More

Here Are Ten Major Scandals that Hit Arizona in July

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In Arizona there’s two things we always seem to have plenty of: sunshine and corrupt politicians. But these past few weeks have been particularly bad on the scandal and general-terrible-ness front. Perhaps the state’s leaders have been drinking too much of George Johnson’s dirty water? We wanted to help you keep track of what’s been happening — here’s a round-up of … Read More

Second Week of AZWatergate Corruption Trial: A Dark Web of Connections

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Last week was the second week of the AZWatergate Corruption trial and the tentacles of scandal have reached Governor Doug Ducey, Chamber of Commerce CEO Glenn Hamer, and APS. Why does this matter? It’s beginning to reveal a dark web of connections between power-hungry politicians who are striving to control Arizona–all the way up to the governor’s office. Make no … Read More