ProgressNow Arizona Launches The Progress Score to Hold Legislators Accountable

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Phoenix–Today ProgressNow Arizona, in collaboration with Arizona Advocacy Network, LUCHA, Indivisible Arizona, Sierra Club, CHISPA AZ, Planned Parenthood Arizona and many more, released its first ever Progress Score, a report card grading Arizona state legislators on how courageously they represented their constituents against the corporations and special interests in the 2019 legislative session. The Progress Score allows Arizonans to see … Read More

Check out ProgressNow Arizona on Politics Unplugged!

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We have an opportunity to change the foundation of the entire state this year. This year’s midterm elections could be a historic win for the progressive movement in Arizona. This Sunday our co-director Josselyn Berry joined Representative Reginald Bolding as a guest on Politics Unplugged, talking about how 2018 has seen progressive activism and engagement sweep across the country and … Read More

Representative Vince Leach Brags About Being ALEC’s “Legislator of the Week”

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Republican Representative Vince Leach (LD 11) sent out a press release on Wednesday announcing that the corporate-funded American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has picked him as their “Legislator of the Week.” In his release Leach writes, “For decades ALEC has been the flagship organization at the state level fighting to promote free markets, low taxation, and federalism.” In fact, ALEC is a … Read More

The astonishingly close margin in last night’s CD08 race

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“Republicans shouldn’t be hitting the alarm, they should be slamming it. This district isn’t supposed to be competitive” -GOP pollster based in Arizona Last night, we saw something incredible—in a district that Trump won by 21 points, the Republican party spent nearly a million dollars, only to barely win a race that should never have been competitive in the first place. Dr. … Read More