Senator John McCain in Tumultuous Interview: Merrick Garland “Not Well-Qualified”


August 5, 2016- Arizona Senator John McCain gave a tumultuous interview on Phoenix’s NPR station, KJZZ  today. Interviewer Phil Latzman even called the interview “feisty.” Listen to the full KJZZ Interview here. Progress Now Arizona tweeted at KJZZ Phoenix to ask Senator McCain about why he continues to block Merrick Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court. When asked, “why is … Read More

Our Turn: Arizona’s perfect storm of voter suppression

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Politicians at every level are taking a death-by-a-million-cuts approach to voting in Arizona Published in the Arizona Republic on March 29. The entire article can be viewed here On Monday, the Arizona House Elections Committee held a 3-hour-long hearing on the Arizona primary-election fiasco. Testimony was heard from Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell, Secretary of State Michele Reagan and a number … Read More

New Poll: 70% Of Arizona Voters Oppose Dark Money, Citizen Referendum and Redistricting Bills

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PHOENIX- A new Public Policy Polling survey commissioned by Progress Now Arizona,  finds that a trio of bills under discussion in the Arizona legislature related to campaign finance, overriding citizen initiatives and changing Arizona’s Independent Redistricting Commission are supported by fewer than one in four voters, and large majorities of voters between 66 and 78 percent of voters say they oppose … Read More

Arizona is AWESOME


Governor Ducey put out an email recently—AZ Awesome–highlighting stories that show how awesome it is to live and work in Arizona. The Governor wants to rebrand our state and focus on good news, not bad. And while we’d love to jump on the bandwagon, we think it’s more important to fix our flaws through better policy-making rather than covering them … Read More

Pay Your Bills


We know what happens when everyday Americans don’t pay their bills. Late notices fill the mailbox. Collectors start calling. The matter ends up in court. When these individuals have the resources to pay but refuse to do so, they’re called “dead beats” or “scammers.” Arizona has a major problem with “dead beat scammers,” or as they are more commonly known, … Read More

Week in Review: A Sugardaddy Trumps the News


Call him Senator #Sugardaddy State senator Steve #Sugardaddy Yarbrough is using his power as a legislator to fatten his wallet. As head of a lucrative private-school tuition organization, Yarbrough advanced policies that helped him rake in more than $100,000 in taxpayer money—YOUR money–to cover the “costs” of administrating scholarships. Numerous media outlets pointed out this blatant conflict of interest, but … Read More

Statue of Liberty Sunset


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