Last Week This Morning: A 99% Infection Rate

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  Absolutely terrifying. A new model suggests that 99% of people incarcerated in Arizona prisons are likely to contract coronavirus.  Insensitive and out of touch…as usual. During a recent interview, State Senator Sylvia Allen implied that people out of work were being paid too much.  Speaking out without saying a word. Lauren Leander is one of the nurses who stood silently in protest as rally-goers demanded an … Read More

Last Week This Morning: Astroturfing on a National Scale

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    Astroturfing on a national stage. The protests over stay at home orders have been tiny (a few dozen people!). They’re backed by far-right militias and by a conservative group linked to the DeVos family.  Headed for Arizona. The same is likely true of the protest planned for Arizona on Monday. When debt is a good thing. The federal government has added trillions to the national debt over … Read More

Last Week This Morning: Deep Breaths

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  “Soap At No Cost”. The steps being taken inside Arizona’s prisons are deeply inadequate. California is letting people go—why aren’t we?  Tell the Truth. The lessons of the 1918 pandemic.  This Is a Crisis—Act Like It. Republicans in the Arizona House are refusing to pass $55 million in emergency relief for Arizona families. Some of them seem to think this whole situation is a big joke. Not … Read More

How Arizona is Responding to the Coronavirus

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Over the last 24 hours, Coronavirus news has moved FAST.  Keeping people healthy and safe means canceling events & closing everything. That, in turn, means missed work, smaller paychecks, shrinking bank balances and a lot of stress & worry for working people.  Luckily, AZ already has paid sick leave, thanks to Prop 206 passed by LUCHA & many others. (Shout-out … Read More

Last Week This Morning: Another Community Victory

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Last Week, This Morning: A Venn Diagram of Awfulness  December 8, 2019 The “Show Me Your Genitals” Bill. HB2706 is invasive, dehumanizing and discriminatory.  Police at the Polls. The Arizona House just passed a bill allowing police officers at polling stations. Too bad a judge recently overturned the consent decree that made that illegal.  No, You’re Not Over-reacting. Coronavirus could mean spending more time at home, especially … Read More

How Trump’s Impeachment Reflects a Double Standard


As the House of Representatives continues to take up impeachment to a vote we need to analyze how the actions of this administration and the impeachment inquiry affect our society.  It is a slap in the face that the impeachment process has taken this long and that he doesn’t have to go through the same criminal justice system as the … Read More

How Arizona Legislators Collaborated with Anti-Vaxxer Disinformation Groups

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In 2019, Arizona State Senator Paul Boyer and State Representative Nancy Barto introduced three anti-vaccine bills (HB2470/SB114, SB2471/SB115 and HB2472/SB116) despite the clear and overwhelming consensus that vaccines are safe, effective, and necessary to protect public health.  Now, public records unearthed by Equity Forward show that Barto and Boyer collaborated with anti-vaxxer groups like the National Vaccine Information Center and … Read More

Last Week This Morning: A Venn Diagram of Awfulness

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Last Week, This Morning: A Venn Diagram of Awfulness  December 8, 2019 The Venn Diagram Where Racism Meets Corporate Greed. ALEC divides working people from one another, passing racist policies that criminalize people of color while boosting corporate profits. This new report exposes their playbook.  Exposing ICE’s Cruelty Re-traumatized a Family. The loved ones of Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez, who recently died in ICE … Read More

Last Week This Morning: Humanitarian Aid Is Not a Crime

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Last Week, This Morning: Humanitarian Aid Is Never a Crime November 24, 2019 Humanitarian Aid Is Not a Crime. On Monday, a jury confirmed that Scott Warren did not commit any crime when he offered food, water and a place to sleep to two migrants from Central America. Mourning Trans Women of Color Lost This Year. November 20th was Trans Day of Remembrance, and … Read More

ProgressNow Arizona Launches The Progress Score to Hold Legislators Accountable

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Phoenix–Today ProgressNow Arizona, in collaboration with Arizona Advocacy Network, LUCHA, Indivisible Arizona, Sierra Club, CHISPA AZ, Planned Parenthood Arizona and many more, released its first ever Progress Score, a report card grading Arizona state legislators on how courageously they represented their constituents against the corporations and special interests in the 2019 legislative session. The Progress Score allows Arizonans to see … Read More