Here Are Ten Major Scandals that Hit Arizona in July

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In Arizona there’s two things we always seem to have plenty of: sunshine and corrupt politicians. But these past few weeks have been particularly bad on the scandal and general-terrible-ness front. Perhaps the state’s leaders have been drinking too much of George Johnson’s dirty water? We wanted to help you keep track of what’s been happening — here’s a round-up of … Read More

Second Week of AZWatergate Corruption Trial: A Dark Web of Connections

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Last week was the second week of the AZWatergate Corruption trial and the tentacles of scandal have reached Governor Doug Ducey, Chamber of Commerce CEO Glenn Hamer, and APS. Why does this matter? It’s beginning to reveal a dark web of connections between power-hungry politicians who are striving to control Arizona–all the way up to the governor’s office. Make no … Read More

An Ex-Wife, Bribery, Dirty Water and A Used Car Dealership- The First Week of the #AZWatergate Corruption Trial

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The biggest Arizona corruption scandal in years is in court this week and already sordid details are coming out about how powerful politicians, a lobbyist and long time pal of Doug Ducey, a commissioner, and a shady water utility owner all took advantage of everyday people to line their own pockets. See more about this scandal here The trial started last … Read More

#AZWatergate: Become an Intervenor!

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If you’re a Johnson Utilities customer with a horror story (or three!) about customer service, billing, or water quality, file now as an intervenor in the official case pending at the AZ Corporation Commission.  Unlike speaking at a hearing or submitting a public comment, becoming an intervenor allows you to become an active participant in the legal case now pending against … Read More