Arizona Republican Legislator On Tape Saying “There Aren’t Enough White Kids to Go Around”

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“There aren’t enough white kids to go around.” “Immigration today represents an existential threat to the United States.” “Immigration is politically destabilizing.” These are some of the racists and xenophobic comments that Republican Legislator David Stringer was recently caught making on camera.  The video was shared on Facebook by David Schapira. In the video, Representative David Stringer claims there are … Read More

An Ex-Wife, Bribery, Dirty Water and A Used Car Dealership- The First Week of the #AZWatergate Corruption Trial

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The biggest Arizona corruption scandal in years is in court this week and already sordid details are coming out about how powerful politicians, a lobbyist and long time pal of Doug Ducey, a commissioner, and a shady water utility owner all took advantage of everyday people to line their own pockets. See more about this scandal here The trial started last … Read More

Check out ProgressNow Arizona on Politics Unplugged!

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We have an opportunity to change the foundation of the entire state this year. This year’s midterm elections could be a historic win for the progressive movement in Arizona. This Sunday our co-director Josselyn Berry joined Representative Reginald Bolding as a guest on Politics Unplugged, talking about how 2018 has seen progressive activism and engagement sweep across the country and … Read More

Representative Vince Leach Brags About Being ALEC’s “Legislator of the Week”

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Republican Representative Vince Leach (LD 11) sent out a press release on Wednesday announcing that the corporate-funded American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has picked him as their “Legislator of the Week.” In his release Leach writes, “For decades ALEC has been the flagship organization at the state level fighting to promote free markets, low taxation, and federalism.” In fact, ALEC is a … Read More

Ducey+Trump=best buds?

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Tweet of the Week Read This It’s time to #DismantleICE. Ducey+Trump=best buds? Watch This Trump is going after doctors, women and the right to a safe and legal abortion. Arizona Representative Athena Salman to Governor Ducey and Trump: stop attacking Arizona women’s rights.  Do This Fight back against the Trump Administration’s attacks on women and their health by texting “NOGAG” to 22422.   Come to … Read More

“I wasn’t surprised, I was just scared.”

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Tweet of the Week Read This “We marched in the streets 1 million strong … and yet still 10 people are dead.” Not enough money for our public schools, but Governor Ducey found 7 million for the Koch Brothers’ Indoctrination School?  AP reports Democrats are feeling giddy in Arizona….yeah, you could say that. Watch This “I wasn’t surprised, I was just scared.” … Read More

On Mother’s Day, moms belong at home — not in jail

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Tweet of the Week Read This From #RedforEd to #RememberInNovember: the walk-out may be over, but the movement most certainly is not.  Ducey traveled to Tucson last week to host a fancy luncheon at one of the city’s swankiest golf resorts. We were there to greet him, alongside Indivisible Southern Arizona and Mi Familia Vota. Watch This Happy Mothers’ Day! No mom … Read More

Showing Governor Ducey That Tucson is Still #RedforEd

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In the span of just a few weeks, #RedforEd successfully pushed Governor Ducey to go from offering 1{28335ed37dd724deee500aa029442e0d9d58206d63320e844ba7e9fe720a29c1} teacher raises to calling for 20{28335ed37dd724deee500aa029442e0d9d58206d63320e844ba7e9fe720a29c1}. But that doesn’t mean the movement is over. Ducey’s plan isn’t a long-term solution: it’s full of budget gimmicks and empty promises, not to mention an extra tax imposed just on Tucson residents. On Thursday, Ducey … Read More

Last Week This Morning: Sine Die at Last!

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Last Week, This Morning! It’s hard to keep up with all the important happenings in this era of the 24 hour news cycle. That’s why we at ProgressNow Arizona want to make it easy for you to catch up on all the Arizona progressive news you can use. Whether it’s about how the craziness in Washington, DC affects us here … Read More