#AZWatergate: Become an Intervenor!

Emily Kirkland#AZWatergate

If you’re a Johnson Utilities customer with a horror story (or three!) about customer service, billing, or water quality, file now as an intervenor in the official case pending at the AZ Corporation Commission.  Unlike speaking at a hearing or submitting a public comment, becoming an intervenor allows you to become an active participant in the legal case now pending against … Read More

Top Lobbyist Recorded on Tape Admitting Real Goal of School Vouchers To Shift Taxpayer Money to Enrich Private Schools

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One of Arizona’s most powerful lobbyists has been caught on tape saying Arizona’s school voucher program should come with as little student accountability as possible, and telling private-school operators how they can benefit from the program that uses taxpayer dollars. Cathi Herrod is a lobbyist for Center for Arizona Policy and is close to Governor Doug Ducey. Listen to the … Read More

Somehow, things just got worse for Doug Ducey

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Just when it seemed that things couldn’t get any worse for Governor Doug Ducey, they did. Arizona’s governor is now facing a major rebellion from teachers fed up with years of bottom-of-the barrel pay and inadequate school funding. Thousands of teachers rallied at the capitol on Wednesday, wearing stickers with a phrase that would strike fear into any governor’s heart: … Read More

BREAKING: Ducey Gives Teachers 100% Raises!

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April Fools! We know Ducey would never do that. We wish Ducey would give teachers raises and fully fund our schools to pre-recession levels, but sadly he refuses to do anything about Arizona’s education crisis. Here’s what Ducey has actually done for education: Gave Arizona’s low-paid teachers a one-time, two percent pay increase — while giving his own friends in … Read More

Emails reveal Doug Ducey and Uber kept self-driving program secret

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A cozy relationship with governor Doug Ducey enabled an autonomous program with limited expert oversight – one that ultimately led to a fatal crash -The Guardian, March 28   A shocking report from the Guardian has revealed that Governor Doug Ducey purposefully and deliberately mislead the public on Uber’s self-driving program–a program that had almost no regulation and led to … Read More

Governor Doug Ducey Signs Pro APS, Anti Clean Energy Bill

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Today Governor Doug Ducey signed the anti-clean energy bill, HB2005. Voters deserve the chance to make their voice heard on whether they want clean, renewable energy. Instead, APS has once again thrown its weight around at the Capitol to protect its own profits. APS has already donated at least $186,500 to Ducey’s 2018 campaign, as well as spending hundreds of thousands more on outside … Read More

Prop 301 Renewal is Too Little, Too Late from Legislature and Governor Ducey

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Phoenix– It seems like Republicans in the legislature and Governor Ducey have finally been scared into listening to the hundreds of Arizona teachers right outside their doors. Today as they work to fast-track Prop 301 renewal, they may avoiding another devastating blow for our schools, but their solution is too little, too late. Prop 301 renewal does nothing more than maintain Arizona’s education … Read More