It’s a conspiracy! Tea Party tinfoil hatter Sylvia Allen mounting comeback

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For immediate release: 8/30/2014 It’s a conspiracy! Tea Party tinfoil hatter Sylvia Allen mounting comeback PHOENIX –John Stewart, Stephen Colbert and John Oliver beware, Arizona’s notorious tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist Sylvia “The Earth is 6,000 Years Old” Allen is ready to make her political comeback. Earlier today Republican officials in Arizona’s Legislative District 6 placed the controversial former state senator … Read More

Arizona Political Candidates Hobnob with Cliven Bundy at GOP Picnic

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PHOENIX – Outlaw Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his armed posse hobnobbed with numerous Arizona Republican political candidates last weekend at the70th annual Mohave County Republican Party Picnic. Stumping politicians who attended the Aug. 16 picnic along with Bundy included: Gubernatorial candidates Treasurer Doug Ducey, Christine Jones and Secretary of State Ken Bennett; Secretary of State candidate Michelle Reagan; Attorney … Read More

Hidden cameras catch lobbyists, AZ lawmakers wining and dining

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PHOENIX (CBS5) – CBS 5 Investigates rolled hidden cameras during a membership drive for one of the country’s most secretive and controversial organizations. Lobbyists and state lawmakers mingled over steaks and drinks in a private room at the Valley’s exclusive Donovan’s Steakhouse.  

Arizona Lawmakers See the Country, ALEC Picks Up the Tab

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PHOENIX — The American Legislative Exchange Council has spent at least $41,000 over the past three years hosting Arizona legislators on lavish out-of-state policy retreats – including $3,800 for House Speaker Andy Tobin alone — according to records obtained by ProgressNow Arizona. An analysis of public financial disclosure statements found 36 Arizona lawmakers – all Republicans — took 82 separate … Read More

Arizona Progressives Stood Tall in 2014 Legislative Session

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It’s over! While progressives, working families and supporters of public education, voting rights and equality were under constant attack during this legislative session, we should be very pleased with the results. The 2014 Arizona Legislature adjourned sine die early this morning with minimal damage done. Working and standing together, Arizona’s growing progressive community stood up and – with a few … Read More

Who Does Huppenthal Serve?

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Who Does Huppenthal Serve? The American Federation for Children, a right-wing anti-public education organization promoting private school vouchers, made a heavy investment in John Huppenthal back in 2010 when he was the Republican candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction. That investment appears to be paying off. Huppenthal ran as a publicly funded “Clean Elections” candidate to lead Arizona’s public school … Read More

AZ Central: Remember Brewer v. Burns?

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Here we go again?…Remember the Battle of the Budget? That struggle back in 2009 when Gov. Jan Brewer, so incensed that lawmakers would not send her the state budget, that she went to court? The upshot of that legal battle before the Arizona Supreme Court was that, in the future, the Legislature must send bills to the governor promptly and “without further … Read More

Statue of Liberty Sunset


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Daily Caller: The night I fed Donald Trump’s monster-sized ego

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I honestly didn’t know it would be that easy. But last night I fed perennial presidential aspirant Donald Trump‘s monster-sized ego and I feel zero shame about it. My purpose was two-fold. To see how others would react – would they believe I was serious? But primarily, what I really wanted was to see was if the tornado-coiffed blonde would retweet … Read More

The Raw Story: Conservative AZ lawmakers caught on camera shmoozing with shadowy lobbying group ALEC

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A steak and cocktails confab between conservative Arizona lawmakers and the shadowy lobbying group the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) was caught on tape by an investigative team headed by reporter Morgan Leow. Phoenix CBS News affiliate KPHO recorded lawmakers entering and leaving the wine and dine session, which was held in a back room at upscale steakhouse Donovan’s, which features … Read More