What a Night! Progressives Score Big Wins as Arizona Legislature Lurches to Halt

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PHOENIX — Progressives scored a major victory early Friday morning when the Arizona Legislature descended into chaos and failed to pass its latest partisan assault on voting rights. Civic engagement volunteers who canvass low-income and Latino neighborhoods to turnout early voters won’t be in danger of becoming felons after all. In what may have been an Arizona legislative first, the … Read More

Shooter Can’t Shoot Straight on Debunked Vote Fraud Story

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  PHOENIX – When it comes to telling the truth about Arizona’s virtually non-existent voter fraud one powerful Arizona Senator just can’t shoot straight. Sen. Don Shooter continues to distort and exaggerate a 2010 early vote project in his Yuma district to scare Republicans into supporting his bill to make volunteer ballot collections a crime. Election officials, including then Secretary … Read More

Help fight the zombie apocalypse at the Arizona Capitol


Friend, Last night was The Walking Dead’s penultimate episode of the season and a whole lot of zombies bit the dust. There must be something in the air. At the Arizona Legislature a horde of “dead” bills – bad, smelly ones — are still getting up and trying to stagger to the Governor’s Office. Last week Arizona Progressives struck back. … Read More

Amateur Hour: Lawmaker Gets Earful After Not Blind Copying email Defending Education Cuts

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  *Post contains corrections to original emailed press release. PHOENIX – Arizona State Senator Steve Yarbrough now knows why U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham never uses email. On Tuesday Yarbrough, R-Chandler, sent a mass email to at least 300 constituents defending his late-night state budget vote to slash university and community college budgets, reduce per-pupil funding for public schools and pull … Read More

Text of Sen. Steve Yarbrough’s March 10 Email:


On Tue, Mar 10, 2015 at 4:54 PM, Steven B. Yarbrough <SYarbrough@azleg.gov> wrote: Thank you for your recent email regarding the state budget relative to K-12 education funding.  I apologize for not being able to respond sooner and for doing a general response.  However, the process was all-consuming in recent days.  I did read every email I received and they … Read More

ICYMI: ProgressNow Arizona hits for the cycle in January

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PHOENIX — ProgressNow Arizona has hit for the cycle in January, establishing the year-old organization as the go-to progressive voice holding elected leaders accountable in several television, print and radio interviews on the state’s biggest political stories. Executive Director Robbie Sherwood has provided commentary in response to Gov. Doug Ducey’s inaugural speech, led a massive press conference and rally pushing … Read More

Happy Holidays! Westboro Wackadoodles Bringing Hate Parade to Arizona

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FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – A small posse of hate-peddlers from the odious “God Hates Fags” Westboro Baptist Church will roll through Northern Arizona this weekend to denounce – oddly enough — another Christian church. For garbled reasons perhaps only they truly understand, the Westboro gang will protest Christ’s Church in Flagstaff at 9:30 a.m. Sunday. The unlovable hatriots from Kansas seem … Read More

Arizona Gripped by the Kochtapus as New Gov. Ducey Installs Koch Dark Money Bag Man as Chief of Staff

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PHOENIX – Arizona Governor-elect Doug Ducey is repaying his out-of-state dark-money backers today by hiring controversial Koch Brothers bag man Kirk Adams as his new chief of staff. Former House Speaker Adams, who helped orchestrate a campaign-style war on Arizona’s emerging rooftop solar energy industry on behalf of mega-utility Arizona Public Service, has been a top Koch operative since his … Read More


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Contact: Joe Murphy, UFCW 602-291-2419 or Robbie Sherwood, ProgressNow Arizona 480-246-7944 ***MEDIA ADVISORY*** Workers, Faith Leaders, Immigrant Rights Activists, Elected Officials and Students Join Largest Black Friday Mobilization Ever, Intensify Calls for Walmart Owners to Commit to Paying $15 and Providing Full-Time Work  PHOENIX — Up to 100 Walmart workers and community members in Phoenix will join the biggest strikes … Read More