Last Week This Morning: A 99% Infection Rate

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Absolutely terrifying. A new model suggests that 99% of people incarcerated in Arizona prisons are likely to contract coronavirus. 

Insensitive and out of touch…as usual. During a recent interview, State Senator Sylvia Allen implied that people out of work were being paid too much. 

Speaking out without saying a word. Lauren Leander is one of the nurses who stood silently in protest as rally-goers demanded an end to stay at home orders. 


10 years since SB1070. It’s been 10 years since the passage of SB1070, Arizona’s infamous racial profiling law. Check out the panel that Puente Human Rights Movement held this week to mark the anniversary. 



Speak up to save lives. Tell Ducey, ICE and the Arizona Department of Corrections to let people out of jails, prisons and detention centers and take immediate steps to ensure prisoners’ safety.  

Help undocumented families make it through. The Arizona Undocumented Workers Relief Fund will help undocumented families, many of who don’t qualify for stimulus checks or unemployment, meet their basic needs. Donate now—One Arizona is matching all gifts up to $50,000. 

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