ANOTHER Huge Victory!

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The “Show Me Your Genitals” Bill. HB2706 is invasive, dehumanizing and discriminatory. 

Police at the Polls. The Arizona House just passed a bill allowing police officers at polling stations. Too bad a judge recently overturned the consent decree that made that illegal. 

No, You’re Not Over-reacting. Coronavirus could mean spending more time at home, especially if you get sick. Getting prepared is smart. (And stop touching your face!) 







Civilian Oversight of the Country’s Deadliest Police Department. Thanks to years of dedicated organizing by groups like Poder in Action, there will now be investigative, independent, community-driven civilian oversight of the Phoenix police. 







Trans Girls are Girls. HB2706 would require Arizona schools to discriminate against trans students and subject all girls who play sports to invasive blood tests and physical exams. Tell your legislators to vote NO. 

Vote, No Matter What! Early voting has started for the March 17 Presidential Primary. Use our new polling place locator to find an early vote option near you!