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January 19, 2020

Violation of Voting Rights. For over two decades, Arizona has violated federal voting-rights laws. Will these violations be fixed before the election?

Ducey’s Sanctuary City Ban. After 10 years, the legacy of SB1070 continues to live on. Ducey’s proposal would deny all cities in Arizona from becoming “sanctuary cities.”

APS Cleans Up Its Act. The new CEO says they’ll stop spending money in Arizona Corporation Commission elections, meaning that they will stop electing their own regulators. 

Back and Better than Ever. The Invest in Ed initiative would fund K-12 education by asking those making over $250,000 to pay their fair share. After being kicked off the ballot by the State Supreme Court in 2018, it’s now back for 2020. 

Equal Rights for All. On Wednesday, Virginia became the 38th state to approve the Equal Rights Amendment, a symbolic victory generations in the making

In Remembrance of the King. Check out MLK’s 1967 interview with NBC News about the “new phase” of the struggle for “genuine equality.”

Impeachment Trial Begins. The House of Representatives sent the articles of impeachment over to the Senate this week, and Trump has been issued a formal summons.

Defend Voting Rights! New year + new session = a new fight against voter suppression! We’re once again facing multiple bad bills, political power grabs that disincentivize voters. Fight back by expressing your concerns to your state legislators, then help us fill the Senate Judiciary hearing room on Thursday. 

Education For the People. Join LUCHA at their Tucson office on Friday, January 24, 2020 at 4:00 PM to ensure underrepresented students receive sufficient funds with access to resources and a quality education.

Show Up 2020! One Arizona is launching its 2020 voter registration campaign with a huge community block party on February 8. We’ll see you there!  

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