Last Week This Morning: A Venn Diagram of Awfulness

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Last Week, This Morning: A Venn Diagram of Awfulness 

December 8, 2019

The Venn Diagram Where Racism Meets Corporate Greed. ALEC divides working people from one another, passing racist policies that criminalize people of color while boosting corporate profits. This new report exposes their playbook. 

Exposing ICE’s Cruelty Re-traumatized a Family. The loved ones of Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez, who recently died in ICE custody, never consented to the release of the now viral video of his death. 

When the River Runs Dry. Groundwater levels in Phoenix and Tucson have stayed steady thanks to efforts to pump Colorado River water into underground aquifers. That may be a temporary fix at best

Impeachment, Explained. Another week, another round of wild impeachment developments. Indivisible has a video summary of all the latest

 Are Your State Legislators ALEC Members? Use our tool to find out—and ask them to resign if they are. 

No One Is Above the Law. The House of Representatives will vote soon on articles of impeachment. The night before they do, there will be massive rallies nationwide. RSVP to join one near you

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