Last Week This Morning: Yes We Did!

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AZ In The NY Times. “It’s our responsibility to engage them and get them excited about voting,” said Josselyn Berry of the watchdog group ProgressNow Arizona.

Sí Se Pudo! Yes We Did. Community activists and young people chanted and cried watching Carlos Garcia and Betty Guardado become the two newest Phoenix City Council members.

Flip Flopping Martha. After saying she didn’t support Trump’s Mexico tariffs, Martha McSally flipped again.

A Prayer and a Lawsuit. Churches helping migrants are suing a hate group that frequently stalks and harasses migrants seeking help.

Bad Cops. The Phoenix New Times finds that Phoenix cops who made racist posts on Facebook are also accused of injuring and killing civilians. 

A New Dream. House Democrats passed a new bill extending citizenship to as many 2.5 million people. The moment brought many to tears.

Dream Act 2.0. The top five things to know about the new Dream and Promise Act that was just passed.

The Right Thing For People and Economy. Hear from Arizona Congressman Greg Stanton on why he supports the American Dream and Promise Act. 

Save The Date. On June 14th, celebrate the power and resilience of our migrant communities along with the 7th year anniversary of DACA.

Pride In The Pines. Beat the city heat and head up to Flagstaff to celebrate Pride Month!

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