Last Week This Morning: Humanitarian Aid Is Not A Crime

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#DoubleTalkDucey. Governor Ducey talks a big game about how Mexico is Arizona’s valued trading partner. Then he sides with Trump on Mexican tariffs that will raise prices and hurt Arizona’s economy and our working families.

AZ Did It First. States like Missouri and Alabama have been in the news recently for their attacks on abortion, but did you know Arizona has been chipping away at those rights for years? 

Humanitarian Aid Is Not A Crime. He left food and water for migrants in the Southern desert. Now he may spend 20 years in prison for it. 

Good For Families. Public places will now have adult-sized changing tables. Why does that matter?

Pride On The Nation. The largest indigenous pride parade in the country will be in Arizona on the Navajo Nation.

Change of Heart. What changed this Arizona man’s mind about Obamacare? Cancer. Hear his story.

Live in Tucson? Watch this debate with the candidates running for mayor!

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