Governor Doug Ducey: The Trump Administrations Governor

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Doug Ducey has gladly and warmly supported Trump since he was the nominee for president. He attended the Republican National Convention and applauded Trump’s nomination. When Trump was in Phoenix on August 22, Doug Ducey warmly greeted him at the airport and after the rally said he was “very supportive” of many parts of Trump’s agenda. In a July 2016 interview with Local NPR affiliate KJZZ, Ducey said, “When you see one that will quit speaking in the muted, weak, wobbly language of political correctness about what’s going on around the world and now our country and somebody who is for law and order, it makes it very easy to vote for Donald Trump.”

Here are just a few highlights of Gov. Ducey falling in line with President Trump agenda:

On Joe Arpaio:

When Trump pardoned former sheriff Joe Arpaio, Ducey applauded it saying, “I believe Sheriff Joe deserves credit for helping to reduce crime in Maricopa County over his long career in law enforcement and public office. The president clearly has pardoning powers under the United States Constitution.”

On Family separation and immigration

Governor Doug Ducey has doubled down on the “secure our borders” rhetoric. He’s done nothing to stop the separation of families. Instead he’s strongly supported the administration’s cruel border policies.

Doug Ducey also showed no compassion to people seeking safety during the refugee crisis. He compared people seeking refuge to terrorists and defended the comparison with paranoid claims that refugees were ISIS operatives trying to establish terrorist networks in Arizona.

Ducey had a nice dinner with Trump  to talk and collaborate with him on securing our border. Ducey told Trump that the Southern Arizona border was “wide open and unprotected.” In fact, the Southern Arizona border is heavily militarized.

On healthcare: 

It’s well known that Ducey is no fan of the Affordable Care Act. He worked with Trump to lobby Jeff Flake and John McCain to repeal the ACA. Thankfully the late John McCain ignored Ducey.