The 5 Biggest Lies Ducey Told at Tonight’s Debate


Last night was the first debate in the Arizona governor’s race, featuring David Garcia (Democrat), Angel Torres (Green Party), and Doug Ducey (Republican). The debate was full of political spin and outright lies from Governor Doug Ducey, who often appeared frustrated and balked on hard questions on education and his record. Here are the top five biggest whoppers and most bizarre statements of the night: 

ONE: “David Garcia tried to rig an election and the Supreme Court caught him.”

Wait, what??

TWO: On his attack ads against David Garcia: “The ads that have been out against you are public service announcements.”

Are we talking about the same ads? The racist ones? With the lies?

Those ads most definitely aren’t public service announcements. They’re attack ads funded by the Republican Governor’s Association. And they’re deeply bigoted, as this Arizona Republic columnist says.

THREE: “Known by the company you keep”

Ducey tried to go after Garcia by saying that he’d be known by the company he keeps. That….backfired.

Here’s the photo of Ducey with the Arizona Patriot Movement, an SPLC-listed hate group that vandalized a mosque and hurled insults at Native American and Latino lawmakers. The photo became real popular on Twitter a minute or two after Ducey’s comment.

FOUR: “We have record levels of funding for K-12 education.” 

Yeah, that’s just not true. Compared to 2008, we’re still missing $800 million in funding for K-12 education. 

FIVE: “I want raises for everyone.” 

Then why did you fight tooth and nail to stop Proposition 206, which raised wages for hundreds of thousands of Arizonans?

In 2016, Ducey opposed Proposition 206. Then, after 58% of Arizonans voted for it, he joined a lawsuit trying to stop it from going into effect.

The next debate is tomorrow in Tucson, so stay tuned for more lies and doubletalk from Doug Ducey!