How Governor Ducey Has Worked with Trump to Separate Families at the Border

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In recent weeks there has been a flurry of news coverage on the inhumane cruelty happening along our border. The Trump Administration has made it a policy to separate children from parents who are fleeing violence in their home countries and seeking safety in the U.S.. News reports have shown and described children locked in cages like dog kennels, children ripped from mothers as they breastfeed, and accounts of mothers being told their children were being taken for a bath, only to find that their children were never seen again.

Rather than speak out against these atrocities, Governor Doug Ducey has doubled down on the “secure our borders” rhetoric. He’s done nothing to stop the separation of families, but has strongly supported the administration’s cruel border policies. The governor launched his reelection campaign today by continuing to focus on “strengthening our border.” Meanwhile, innocent children are trapped in cages, separated from their mothers and fathers.


See the Ways Ducey Has Helped Trump
  1. Other governors have spoken out against the Trump administration’s policy at the border. Colorado’s governor issued an executive order banning state resources from helping divide families at the border. Governor Ducey has taken the opposite direction and actually sent Arizona National Guard members to the border.
  2. Ducey has aligned himself with Department of Homeland Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, who has defended separating families at the border. In April Ducey toured the border with Nielsen, who claimed there was a “crisis” happening. The governor commended Trump and Nielsen for addressing a surge in border activity. “Rather than letting this grow or build, this administration acted on it immediately,” Ducey said.
  3. In May, Ducey had a nice dinner with Trump  to talk and collaborate with him on securing our border. Ducey told Trump that the Southern Arizona border was “wide open and unprotected.” In fact, the Southern Arizona border is heavily militarized.
  4. In April, Ducey celebrated and endorsed Trump’s plan to deploy National Guard troops to the border. He said troops were “needed” and “welcomed.” He even wrote an op-ed thanking Trump. 
  5. Doug Ducey also showed no compassion to people seeking safety during the refugee crisis. He compared people seeking refuge to terrorists and defended the comparison with paranoid claims that refugees were ISIS operatives trying to establish terrorist networks in Arizona.
How You Can Speak Out

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Ducey maintains he’s going to secure our borders. But is locking up children in cages making our border stronger? Is tearing innocent children from parents who are fleeing violence and threats of death making our country stronger? Donald Trump, Doug Ducey and ICE are working together to cage children and blame parents for wanting a better life. We need to be a better country than that.