Sylvia Allen Gives Teachers The Thumbs Down

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It seems like Sylvia Allen forgot her manners yesterday on the Senate floor. Video of the LD6 Senator shows her shouting at #RedforEd teachers who were sitting up in the Senate Gallery.

“You don’t represent all of my district either! I’m here representing my district and a lot of my teachers today are in their schools teaching…So like I said I probably shouldn’t have talked.”

The not talking is the one thing we can agree with Allen on.

But She Couldn’t Stop Talking…

An Arizona Republic article reported that Allen lashed out at Tempe resident who emailed her. Alicia Klassen emailed Senator Allen to say, “I just heard that you say that you are tired of receiving negative emails. I truly understand how you must feel, but there is a way to improve this situation. When we speak to each other in a civil manner we can accomplish much more. When you referred to public school teachers as educrats tonight, I was quite dismayed. I have devoted 35 years of my life to public education, so your comment was quite hurtful.”

Allen immediately replied with a rude, and misspelled, email back:

“Oh give me a brake!!! I wasn’t talking about teachers I was talking about administrators and the UNION.”

LD6 Senator Sylvia Allen seems incapable of showing an ounce of respect to the thousands of teachers who have shown up to the Capitol and advocated for restoring education funding to their classrooms. Instead her response has been to give them a big fat thumbs down. We hope those teachers will give her the same thumbs down come November.