The astonishingly close margin in last night’s CD08 race

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“Republicans shouldn’t be hitting the alarm, they should be slamming it. This district isn’t supposed to be competitive”
-GOP pollster based in Arizona

Last night, we saw something incredible—in a district that Trump won by 21 points, the Republican party spent nearly a million dollars, only to barely win a race that should never have been competitive in the first place. Dr. Hiral Tipirneni lost the race for CD8 by a single digit margin of 5%. That’s astonishing.

The Arizona GOP should be panicking right now: the results in CD8 speak volumes about what we can expect to see in November. CD8 has been a safe district for Republicans in the past, but that’s clearly changed. The same is about to be true about Arizona as a whole. If a progressive candidate for governor out-performs by similar margins, Ducey won’t just lose, he’ll lose by double digits.

2018 could be a once-in-a-generation opportunity to elect progressive candidates at all levels of the ballot and leave a lasting impact here in the state we call home.

But it will only happen if we make it happen. Tipirneni’s campaign generated amazing volunteer energy for progressives in a district where that has never existed before, and built on years of work to register people to vote and engage them in the political process. To win in November, we have to create that same incredible momentum statewide. Let’s keep knocking doors, making phone calls, sending texts, and sharing our stories.