Teachers Vote to Walk Out!


For the first time in Arizona history, teachers across the state are about to walk out to demand better for their schools and students. This was not a decision made lightly. But educators are doing what needs to be done.

Our schools are missing $1.1 billion in funding, and so far, our legislature and our governor have offered no serious solutions. Stealing money from universities and people with disabilities, as Ducey currently plans to do, won’t solve our education crisis. Neither will rosy but implausible promises about teacher raises in future years. We need long-term funding for our schools, and until we get it, students will continue to suffer the consequences, from school buildings infested with snakes and cockroaches to classrooms of 35 kids. 

Teachers will continue community walk-ins in the mornings before school this coming MondayTuesday and Wednesday, followed by the statewide walk-out on Thursday.

Here’s how you can support them:

1) Attend the event at the capitol on Thursday

2) Attend a community walk-in next week at a school near you on MondayTuesday or Wednesday morning before school starts

3) Share stories like this one from real teachers and parents about why they’re part of this incredible movement

And finally – take a moment to thank a teacher. This walkout is just another reminder of why teachers are amazing: because they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make sure their students get the education they deserve.