Gov. Ducey Is Terrified of #RedforEd

Josselyn and Emily#RedforEd

Governor Doug Ducey and his fellow Republicans are absolutely terrified of the power of the grassroots #RedforEd movement.

Yesterday afternoon, after massive teacher-led walk-ins across the state, Governor Ducey spoke at a hastily-arranged press conference and told Arizona teachers that they’d be getting a 9% raise this year and a 20% raise in the next three years. Quite an about-face from the same governor who dismissed Red for Ed as a “political circus” just a couple days ago.

But so far, Ducey’s promise is just that: a promise. Ducey hasn’t given any details on where the money will come from. And the plan leaves out other needs like classroom supplies and ensuring fair pay for education support professionals like counselors, librarians and custodians.

After years of tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, there simply isn’t enough money to solve our education crisis. But Republicans like Ducey, refuse to face that reality. Until we demand the wealthiest pay their fair share, this governor isn’t taking the problem seriously. We need more revenue, not more smoke and mirrors.


Emily Kirkland and Josselyn Berry
Co-Directors, ProgressNow Arizona

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