Last Week This Morning: From 50th place to…49th?

Josselyn and EmilyLast Week This Morning!

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In places like Arizona, GOP state legislators have spent years cutting public services like education while giving huge hand-outs to rich people and corporations. Now, even their own voters are pushing back.

Yuma teacher starts commuting to California to work — and doubles his salary.

9 out of 10 Tempe voters wanted more disclosure of dark money spending in city elections. But Gov. Ducey just signed a bill over-ruling them.

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A lobbyist is caught on tape admitting out loud what we’ve known all along: the goal of Arizona’s voucher program was to funnel money to private schools while minimizing accountability and transparency.

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This is what a $1.1 billion shortfall in education looks like.

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Next week, teachers will be building parent and community support by hosting #RedforEd walk-ins before the start of school! Find out if your local school is participating by searching for the school name and #RedforED walk-in on Facebook, then register here.

As teachers across the state protest to demand a living wage, Speaker Mesnard is focused on trying to give a massive tax cut to the 183 Arizonans who make more than $5 million a year. Appalled? Sign our petition to him before we deliver it on Thursday.

Our legislators are prioritizing tax cuts for millionaires over funding for our schools — again. Join us Wednesday evening for a townhall discussion of what’s happening and how we can fight back.

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