Tax Cuts for billionaires, peanuts for teachers

JosselynTake Action

Do you make more than $5 million a year?

If not, you’re out of luck: the bill currently being pushed by House Speaker JD Mesnard won’t help you much.

As teachers across the state organize to demand adequate funding for our schools, Speaker Mesnard’s top priority is giving a tax cut to billionaires. HB2528 would give a huge tax cut to 183 Arizonans who make more than $5 million a year, while taking hundreds of millions from the state’s general fund–money that could otherwise go to teachers and classrooms.

Sign our petition now and tell Mesnard you’re appalled by his championing of HB2528, the tax cut for billionaires bill. 

In just a few days, we’ll be delivering this petition to Mesnard’s office. We want to show him a massive number of signatures, enough to remind him that he’s in an unprecedented political moment. Arizonans are done with politicians who favor their rich friends over schools, teachers and working families.