BREAKING: Ducey Gives Teachers 100% Raises!

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April Fools! We know Ducey would never do that.

We wish Ducey would give teachers raises and fully fund our schools to pre-recession levels, but sadly he refuses to do anything about Arizona’s education crisis.

Here’s what Ducey has actually done for education:

  • Gave Arizona’s low-paid teachers a one-time, two percent pay increase — while giving his own friends in his administration double digit raises. [Arizona Republic, 10/19/17]
  • That low pay has created a teacher shortage crisis, with nearly 2,000 positions vacant as of December 2017 [Arizona Republic, 12/20/17].
  • Signed a massive expansion of the state’s private school voucher program, which put him in good graces with national conservative groups – including the Koch Brothers network. [Associated Press, 4/11/17]
  • Signed a law allowing people without formal training to teach children across the state. [Capital Media Services, 5/2/17]
  • Ducey’s proposed $38 million education program increased funding for Arizona’s wealthiest schools by $15 million – while low income school districts only received $13.5 million. [Arizona Republic, 4/24/17]

The one good thing he’s done for education? Started a grassroots movement of teachers, parents and education supporters who are frustrated and finally fighting back against years of Republican neglect of our schools.

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