Governor Doug Ducey Signs Pro APS, Anti Clean Energy Bill

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Today Governor Doug Ducey signed the anti-clean energy bill, HB2005. Voters deserve the chance to make their voice heard on whether they want clean, renewable energy. Instead, APS has once again thrown its weight around at the Capitol to protect its own profits. APS has already donated at least $186,500 to Ducey’s 2018 campaign, as well as spending hundreds of thousands more on outside TV ads. Given that, we are disappointed but not surprised to hear that Ducey signed a bill that would exempt APS from any meaningful penalties for violating clean energy requirements. Governor Ducey may be the one sitting in the governor’s chair, but Arizonans know the truth: it’s APS’ corrupt lobbyists that are really calling the shots. It’s past time for our leaders to start listening to voters again instead of the corporations that will reward them with cash.