BREAKING: Teachers Walk Out!


As we write this, teachers have walked out of NINE schools and are marching at the capitol demanding better pay and funding for their classrooms.

Gov. Ducey has claimed he’s led the way to solve Arizona’s education crisis. The only thing missing from his claims is the truth. Ducey and his political cronies have worked hard to push their political spin on Arizona’s education crisis. But the facts tell a different story.

Ducey likes to say he’s solved our education crisis. But the new money he brags about adding to our education system came largely from Prop 123, passed by voters to settle a lawsuit. Our schools are still receiving less than they did a DECADE ago and our teachers are fed up.

The days of letting Ducey get away with his double talk are over. Help us spread the word and share the video with friends and family. And be sure to look for updates on the Double Talk Ducey site!