Doug Ducey and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

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Doug Ducey must not be having a great week.
On Monday, 300 Arizona teachers gathered to protest Governor Doug Ducey and his continued failures on teacher pay and public education funding. While Ducey was giving his weekly radio interview at KTAR, teachers outside chanted “What’s the plan, Ducey, what’s the plan,” and held signs that debunked Ducey’s lies on teacher pay and demanded better funding for schools.
Ducey spun out more misinformation during the radio interview, but Reporter Joe Dana at 12 News fact checked him quick-Saying Ducey’s claims were FALSE.

These headlines probably didn’t cheer Ducey up either
Ducey must be a glutton for punishment
He then said in the press that he WON’T veto tax cuts that will further drain revenue from the state and take even more funding away from schools.
Ducey Ignores Students Wanting To Talk About Gun Reforms
To top it off Arizona students walked out of schools and descended on the Capitol to demand Governor Doug Ducey pass sensible gun reform. They occupied Ducey’s office waiting to speak directly with him, but Ducey couldn’t be bothered. His Education Policy staffer said he had no time to listen to their concerns of their safety at school, and apparently couldn’t promise the students the would ever get a meeting with their own Governor.
Making matters even worse, Ducey tweeted about the Arizona Cardinals during the student sit in. It was not appreciated by the students and even the popular sports site Deadspin called Ducey out on it.
Ducey Rolled Out The Red Carpet to Convicted Scammer
Then on Wednesday news broke that Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has been charged with an “elaborate, years-long fraud.” Ducey rolled out the red carpet to Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes, who raised more than $700 million by claiming her company created a portable blood analyzer that would be a million times better than conventional lab-testing equipment. Ducey was scammed and jumped over backwards for Theranos by fast passing a law that allowed consumers to purchase lab tests without a doctor’s orders. Although Ducey was vocal about welcoming Theranos into Arizona, back then, he’s been silent since this news broke.
Arizonans are clearly fed up with Doug Ducey and his priorities. He should take note.