Hundreds of Arizona Teachers Protest Doug Ducey, Demand Action on Teacher Pay and School Funding

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Arizona teachers we’re seeing #RedforEd again yesterday. 300 Arizona teachers gathered to protest Governor Doug Ducey and his abysmal record on teacher pay and public education funding. While Ducey was giving a weekly radio interview at KTAR, teachers outside debunked Ducey’s lies on teacher pay and demanded better funding for schools. Arizona continues to rank near the bottom in the nation on teacher pay, with the lowest-paid teachers making 9 percent less than the national average and highest-paid ones making 28 percent less, according to the Morrison Institute at Arizona State University.


During the interview, Ducey said he “hears” those teachers, but he must not have been listening carefully enough. He continued in the interview to manipulate facts on teacher pay and school funding. Reporter Joe Dana wasn’t letting him get away with it however, and verified that the claims Ducey made about teacher pay were FALSE.

Source: 12 News

Read onto see Reporter Joe Dana fact check Ducey’s Double Talk:

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