Last Week This Morning: A Confederate Flag in the Legislature

JosselynLast Week This Morning!

It’s hard to keep up with all the important happenings in this era of the 24 hour news cycle. That’s why we at ProgressNow Arizona want to make it easy for you to catch up on all the Arizona progressive news you can use. Whether it’s about how the craziness in Washington, DC affects us here in Arizona, what’s happening on the 9th floor Governor’s office, or how progressives are fighting to make Arizona better for all and how you can join in, we want to keep you in the loop.

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Tweet of the Week


Read This



For the first time ever, ProgressNow Arizona launched a live fact of Gov. Ducey’s 2018 State of the State speech. Along with a live fact check, we created a website full of our We reached the top 10 hashtags on Twitter in Phoenix during those two hours and had a social reach of over 100,00 people see our event.

The Best Ducey Can Do?

This week Ducey released his budget for Arizona and was quite smug about it. But we all remember how he slashed and burned our public schools and many other vital things for Arizona families. We aren’t buying it and neither is Laurie Roberts over at the Arizona Republic.

The Confederate flag has no place in the Legislature

Todd Clodfelter, a Republican Representative from Tucson, had this to say when his fellow black, female legislator told him that the Confederate flag screensaver on his laptop was offensive-“agree to disagree.” We think we can all agree it’s time for him to go this November.

 Do This

It’s Gonna Be A Bumpy Ride 

The 2018 Arizona Legislative Session has officially begun and that means your elected officials are going to be passing and voting on issues that affect you! All the more reason to know who your representatives are and how to contact them to make your voice heard.

Find your legislator

Use the Request to Speak System 


Put This on Your Calendar


Call on Democrats to Stand with Immigrants!

Join LUCHA ON January 16th @ 3:30 PM Outside of the Democratic Headquarters Office to demand Democrats to vote “no” on any spending bill that does not include a Clean Dream Act Legislation.

Defend Democracy at the State Legislature 

Arizona Advocacy Network wants to train you on how to defend democracy and have your voice heard at the State Capitol. We will be covering how to use the Request to Speak system, the Arizona legislative process, and answering all of your questions about the legislative session. RSVP Now!


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