HIRING! Executive Director for ProgressNow Arizona

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About the Position

The Executive Director of PNAZ will lead the organization and it’s allied organizations and coalitions in developing a strategy to change the landscape of Arizona Politics through strategic communications. This should entail developing a narrative that is visible to voters statewide about progressive policy solutions. This narrative should support the work of coalition organizations by engaging voters around the issues and campaigns they work on, but should also be clearly it’s own set of work.

This individual must be a dynamic, strong leader who has proven experience in strategy implementation, fundraising, organizational and program development, coalition building, and organizational oversight. The Executive Director will successfully mobilize people and resources around organizational goals, demonstrate skill and finesse in dealing with a wide range of personalities, and create a culture of quality and excellence.

About ProgressNow Arizona

As a multi-issue organization, we serve as a vital link in the communications and rapid-response capacities for progressives in this state. By using our email list and new media platforms, we highlight consequences of conservative policies, elected officials’ ethical failures and hold the right wing accountable. PNAZ’s mission is to provide a strong, credible voice in advancing progressive solutions to our community’s problems. But we don’t do that on our own – we work as a communications team for the entire progressive community. We’re a marketing department for progressive ideas – a campaign that never stops. We work year-round to challenge conservative propaganda in the media and make sure that progressive perspectives are heard. PNAZ serves to build and empower a permanent progressive majority, challenge and correct right-wing misinformation, and hold all public leaders accountable. We accomplish this through creative earned and digital media strategies. We also work closely with our coalition partners to expand the overall communications capacity of the progressive community to effectively mobilize Arizonans in support of progressive candidates and ideas in our state.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Program Development & Management
  • Communications
  • Board Relations
  • Fundraising & Administration


Duties and Responsibilities


Program Development & Management

  • Develop and implement a strategic plan for the organization, with input from the boards and allied coalition partners.
  • Work with current staff to develop a work plan and assess needs for additional staff.
  • Strategize and collaborate with coalition partners and other stakeholders to develop a vision and narrative for a progressive Arizona.



  • Work with current staff to develop content to consistently hold Republicans accountable, and create a narrative for what progressive policy can deliver.
  • Develop and implement cutting-edge communications strategies.
  • Develop messaging and tool kits that can be used by partner organizations.


Board Relations

  • Develop and engage a Board of Directors for both the 501-C3 and 501-C4 organizations.
  • See that the board is kept informed on the condition of the organization and important factors influencing it.
  • Facilitate the board’s governance and build buy-in from members.
  • Engage the board in a strong working partnership to lead the organization and participate in fundraising.


Fundraising and Administration

  • Develop ongoing relationships with donors and prospective donors, and devote time and staff resources appropriately to a variety of fundraising efforts to meet the budget.
  • Work with the Boards to develop a fundraising plan to ensure the long-term sustainability of the organization.
  • Develop and maintain sound financial practices.
  • Work with the staff and the board in preparing a budget; see that the organization operates within budget guidelines.
  • Ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations.
  • Work with attorneys to attend to all required legal matters and ensure that the organization is legally compliant. Maintain official records and documents.
  • Oversee financial operations, including day-to-day accounting, budgeting, and tax preparation.




  • Minimum of 5-7 years of experience in political or community organizing, and campaign communications.
  • Significant background in message development, communications strategy, or journalism.
  • Experience with print, television, radio and online media outlets.
  • Knowledge of the political landscape in Arizona and nationally.
  • Proven experience working collaboratively with organizations to advance progressive public policy and communications.
  • Demonstrated experience in organizational management including fundraising, staff development, grant writing, and working with a board of directors.
  • Experience leading and growing a professional staff team.
  • Strong inter-personal skills and ability to work in a team environment.
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills.
  • Experience in a fast-paced campaign-like work atmosphere.



  • Fluent in Spanish and familiar with Spanish media preferred.
  • Nonprofit work experience and knowledge of 501-C3, 501-C4 and 527 procedures and regulations.
  • Significant experience with digital advocacy strategies to engage supporters and build lists.

Please submit cover letter, samples of published work (if applicable), and resume to Josselyn Berry at josselyn@progressnowarizona.org by April 20th. The hiring process will include two rounds of interviews, and coalition partner roundtable. Final hiring decisions will be made by Monday June 12th.

Salary is commensurate with experience, starting with a minimum of $70,000. Benefits include health, dental, vision and 401k.

Progress Now Arizona is committed to creating a dynamic, multi-cultural, diverse working environment. Candidates of color and diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Progress Now Arizona is an equal opportunity employer.