Our Response to Senator McCain Announcing Republicans Will Continue Obstructing Supreme Court After Election

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Phoenix­–In response to Senator John McCain’s statement that he would not support any Supreme Court nominee if Hillary Clinton becomes the next President of the United States, Progress Arizona Executive Director Josselyn Berry stated:

“For months John McCain has insisted that he’s holding open a Supreme Court seat for the next president to fill and that voters should get to decide. But now it’s become clear that this was never about principle—it’s been about partisanship all along. Americans deserve a fully staffed Supreme Court and a Senator who is willing to do their job. John McCain’s comments make clear that he’s more interested in contributing to Washington gridlock than trying to find solutions that work for the people of Arizona.”

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Today marks the 216th day of obstruction from Senate Republicans. Senator McCain’s recent comments show that he plans to continue refusing to do his Constitutional duty.