Arizona Voters Really Dislike Their Politicians

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PHOENIX­–- A new poll out by Public Policy Polling shows that Arizona voters remain unhappy with their Republican elected officials.

See the poll here.

Governor Doug Ducey has just a 35% approval rating and 41% who disapprove of him. This comes after their last poll in May, which showed only 27% of Arizona voters approve of the job the governor is doing.

“Undoubtedly the Governor’s office will scoff and dismiss these numbers on his weak performance, and that’s unwise. This latest poll shows a clear trend that voters are not at all pleased with the man on the Ninth Floor. The relentless cuts to public education and social safety nets while passing laws that let him stack the Arizona Supreme Court in his favor are not helping,” said Josselyn Berry, Interim Executive Director at ProgressNow Arizona.

The poll also shows that Congressman Jeff Flake isn’t faring any better, with only 27% of voters expressing approval of him compared to 41% who disapprove. Flake might find he’s no more popular in a Republican primary. Within his own party only 31% of voters approve of him to 36% who disapprove. Flake became unpopular after his election to the U.S. Senate, and he’s had trouble changing his likability over the last three years.

Voter’s low opinion on Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio still hasn’t improved. He has a 44/46 favorability rating statewide and in his own county he faces a negative 44/50 favorability. The latest news on him being found in contempt of court by a federal judge and costing taxpayers upwards of $133 million for his shenanigans aren’t endearing him to voters any time soon.  Arpaio announced yesterday that he intends to seek a 7th term in office and it will be interesting to see if voters are finally ready to kick the sheriff to the curb.

See full poll results here.