Arizona is AWESOME


Governor Ducey put out an email recently—AZ Awesome–highlighting stories that show how awesome it is to live and work in Arizona.

The Governor wants to rebrand our state and focus on good news, not bad. And while we’d love to jump on the bandwagon, we think it’s more important to fix our flaws through better policy-making rather than covering them up with fancy slogans.

For some residents, Arizona IS an awesome place to live and work. It’s awesome because it has some of the lowest income tax rates in the country. Never mind that it also has some of the highest regressive taxes, making it a tax haven for the wealthy and an albatross for the poor.

Only four states tax their poorest residents more heavily than Arizona. (1)

For others, Arizona is awesome because they can afford nice homes in tony neighborhoods with well-funded private schools. Unfortunately, far too many Arizonans are living in poverty, attending underfunded public schools and worrying about whether or not they’ll be able to feed their kids.

arizona fair share

While it would be easier to turn a blind eye to the realities of far too many Arizonans (and far, far too many of our children), ignoring these problems won’t solve our ills or erase our realities.

Instead, we need to fight to make sure that facts trump slogans and the needs of the many become the priorities of our leaders. We need progressive policies that create shared prosperity and an Arizona that is awesome for all.