Week In Review: Smells like 2010


It’s like 2010 all over again

Many thought Donald Trump’s highly offensive comments about undocumented immigrants as murderers and rapists would have been enough to end his presidential ambitions. Instead, it seems to have energized the base, leaving other candidates scrambling to find their inner racist. This week, Jeb Bush said it wasn’t at all wrong to call American citizens “anchor babies,” while Ben Carson said he’s in favor of a militarized border. All of this rhetoric smells like 2010, right before Arizona passed its right to discriminate law. Brace yourself for a putrid primary.

When it works, it must need reforming

Governor Ducey proposed Medicaid reforms this week that are perfectly out of touch with the realities of those in need of a health safety net. While it sounds great to require folks to save for future health care needs, those who can barely afford basic necessities don’t have the luxury of saving part of their incomes. As PAFCO’s Samuel Richard said in this op-ed, “Often, things sound much better in theory than in reality.”

Do I sense a backlash here?

Thousands took to twitter and Facebook this week to craft a slogan for Governor Ducey’s #rebranding efforts. Unfortunately, most of the slogans were based in reality, which in Arizona, isn’t so pretty. My personal favorite: “Arizona: Where your most right-wing conspiracy theories won’t be ridiculed.”

Saturday Showdown

Cathi Herrod and clan will be protesting at Planned Parenthood clinics across the state tomorrow, and many high-profile Republicans will be joining her. Show your support for Planned Parenthood and the work they do every day to support women’s healthcare by attending the #StandWithPP rally tomorrow morning in Phoenix. Click here for more information, and don’t forget to wear pink!