Week in Review: A Sugardaddy Trumps the News


Call him Senator #Sugardaddy

State senator Steve #Sugardaddy Yarbrough is using his power as a legislator to fatten his wallet. As head of a lucrative private-school tuition organization, Yarbrough advanced policies that helped him rake in more than $100,000 in taxpayer money—YOUR money–to cover the “costs” of administrating scholarships. Numerous media outlets pointed out this blatant conflict of interest, but considering Senator Yarbrough is a member of the senate’s ethics committee, don’t go looking for him to end this sweet deal.

Race to the bottom

Surprise, surprise! After years of cuts and the nation’s most pathetic state support, Arizona schools get poor marks in WalletHub’s yearly rankings. Coming in at number 48, Arizona proves that you get what you pay for.

Trump leads in AZ

It seems The Donald knows exactly what Arizona Republicans want to hear. He takes a commanding lead in the polls even after calling Senator John McCain a “loser” because of his time spent as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. His venomous anti-immigrant rhetoric has made him a hero among many in the Tea Party crowd, proving that fear is more powerful than facts.

Ducey thanks the Kingmakers

Governor Doug Ducey jaunts off to a tony California resort this weekend to thank his kingmakers, the Koch brothers, for buying—er, helping–win his election. While there, Gov. Ducey will have a chance to rub elbows with the presidential candidates hoping to secure the billionaires’ blessings.