What a Night! Progressives Score Big Wins as Arizona Legislature Lurches to Halt

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PHOENIX — Progressives scored a major victory early Friday morning when the Arizona Legislature descended into chaos and failed to pass its latest partisan assault on voting rights. Civic engagement volunteers who canvass low-income and Latino neighborhoods to turnout early voters won’t be in danger of becoming felons after all.

In what may have been an Arizona legislative first, the Senate adjourned sine die in the MIDDLE of the House’s vote on the voter roadblock bill Senate Bill 1339, which killed it. Before the discombobulated House finally quit around 3:30 a.m. they had also defeated a referendum to repeal Arizona’s voter-approved Clean Elections Act. This was a clear victory against outside special interests who want to completely own our elections and take the referees out of the game. Also dying on the vine was a major budget-busting expansion attempt for Arizona’s controversial taxpayer-funded private school voucher program.

Thank you to everybody who called their lawmakers, wrote, tweeted or otherwise raised hell about these issues. Our voices were loud and clear it had an impact.

Last night was a silver-lining ending to a rough legislative session where rookie Governor Doug Ducey caused long-term damage to Arizona’s economy with deep cuts to universities, public schools and our safety net. Ducey also showed Arizona women what he really thinks of them by signing the Center for Arizona Policy’s latest attack on reproductive rights, Senate Bill 1318. Arizona Doctors must now lie to women about the possibility of a “reversible” medical abortion. Sigh. Another anti-choice CAP bill, another lawsuit, another expensive loss in court headed Arizona’s way.

But let’s focus on the positive. In addition to standing up for voting rights, Clean Elections and public education, ProgressNow Arizona also fought to defeat an odious attempt to revive pay day loans and a ridiculous Tea Party bill to allow guns in libraries, courtrooms and just about every other public space.

The culprits have now fled the scene of the crime. But, as we know all too well, the right wing in Arizona never gives up on a bad idea. To help ProgressNow Arizona keep standing up to the Tea Party bullies and holding conservative politicians accountable please consider chipping in or becoming a monthly supporter today.