Help fight the zombie apocalypse at the Arizona Capitol



Last night was The Walking Dead’s penultimate episode of the season and a whole lot of zombies bit the dust. There must be something in the air. At the Arizona Legislature a horde of “dead” bills – bad, smelly ones — are still getting up and trying to stagger to the Governor’s Office.

Last week Arizona Progressives struck back. Sen. Don Shooter and Rep. Michelle Ugenti teamed up with a sneaky strike-everything amendment to Senate Bill 1340 which re-animated one of the worst pieces of the voter suppression extravaganza that they passed in 2013 (but were forced by any angry public to repeal). With your help, we raised the alarms and SB1340 was stopped in committee.

But this is zombie season at the Capitol. We could see it again. Strikers, conference committees and floor amendments are where bad things rise to haunt us all in the last days of the session.

ProgressNow Arizona is your watchdog at the Capitol. We stand up to the Tea Party and the bullies, but we need help from committed Progressives like you. To help keep the rapid response rapid and beat back the zombie horde, please chip in and become a sustaining donor today.

Thank you and let’s keep up the fight for voting rights, reproductive and workplace rights, equality, retirement security and public education. With your help we can change Arizona for the better.

Robbie Sherwood, Executive Director, ProgressNow Arizona