Protect Your Right to Vote Committee Statement on Repeal of HB2305

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February 27, 2014

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Protect Your Right to Vote Committee Statement on Repeal of HB2305

PHOENIX – Julie Erfle, chairwoman of the Protect Your Right to Vote Committee, today released the following statement regarding Governor Brewer signing a repeal of House Bill 2305.

“When the Legislature passed its assault on voting rights last year, a coalition of nearly 30 organizations came together in an unprecedented way to stand up for the voting rights of Arizona citizens. We successfully referred this harmful legislation to the November 2014 ballot, and felt very strongly that voters had earned the right to decide the fate of this bill.

On Thursday, Governor Brewer signed the repeal of HB 2305. It is unquestionably a win for Arizona that this assault on voting rights will not be enacted ahead of the next election. That is not why we opposed the repeal. This issue was always about politicians trying to pick their voters, trying to take away our choices. We, as voters, stood up and earned the right to make this decision ourselves in November through the Protect Your Right to Vote referendum. We are confident the voters would have soundly rejected HB 2305.

Now we strongly urge the Governor and the Legislature to respect the will of the 146,000 voters who signed our petitions and not attempt to circumvent their will and pass any element of HB2305 piecemeal.”

About the Protect Your Right to Vote Committee: The Committee is a coalition of more than 25 non-profit organizations working together to put HB2305 to a vote of the people.  These include civic engagement organizations, Latino voter engagement groups, conservation organizations, animal welfare groups and labor organizations.  It also includes leaders and members of the Libertarian, Green and Democratic parties. The Committee gathered over 146,000 signatures to put the omnibus House Bill 2305 – which would have prevented tens of thousands of eligible voters from casting ballots – to a statewide vote in 2014.