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What is Governor Doug Ducey up to? He’s leaving all of us in the dark about his plans on healthcare.

Last week, he quietly urged Senators McCain and Flake to vote yes on the “skinny repeal” bill that would have taken health insurance away from millions of Americans and sent insurance costs skyrocketing. Despite Ducey’s urging, Senator McCain voted no. Skinny repeal failed, and all of us breathed a sigh of relief.

Shortly afterwards, Governor Ducey flew to Washington, DC for meetings with the Trump administration about healthcare. He refused to answer any questions about who he was meeting with or what was discussed. Now, he’s reportedly working with Trump officials on a proposal that would drastically alter Arizona’s Medicaid program and could take away desperately-needed health benefits from tens of thousands of people. Once again, no one has seen the details of the plan or can attest to what’s in it.

Gov. Doug Ducey needs to be straight with the people of Arizona. We’re calling on him to release all of his communications with the Trump administration about healthcare and be upfront about any planned changes to Medicaid. He works for us, and we deserve to know what he’s up to.

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