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Arizona Watergate

A lobbyist, a former corporation commissioner, a water utility owner, and a plot to break public trust for private enrichment at the highest levels, paid for on the backs of people who just want clean water to drink
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Doubletalk Ducey

Governor Doug Ducey has a long record of saying one thing and doing another – especially if it means helping his wealthy donors at the expense of working families in Arizona
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Arizona Sunrise Agenda

It’s a new day in Arizona. Community leaders from around our state have come together to form the Sunrise Agenda, a proactive agenda to bring the people’s priorities back to Arizona.
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Arizona Billionaires Are About to Get Another Massive Tax Cut. Speak Up to Stop It.

Speaker JD Mesnard is currently pushing a massive tax cut for Arizona's richest people that will take money AWAY from teachers and classrooms.

We'll be delivering this petition in a few days - sign now and show Mesnard that Arizonans aren't going to stand for this!

#RedforEd #RaisesNotLies #PayNotPeanuts

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Say NO to Arizona Politicians' power grab!

A crazy power grab is underway at the Arizona state legislature. And it’s up to you to stop it.
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Let Senator Allen know that we do not support her attack on working families. #Prop206

Last year, 59{28335ed37dd724deee500aa029442e0d9d58206d63320e844ba7e9fe720a29c1} of Arizonans voted to increase the minimum wage to $12/hour by 2020, and to give workers paid sick time. So far, 500,000 Arizonans have already benefited from these changes. Our economy has benefited as well, with unemployment currently lower than it’s been for 10 years.
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Rep. Mesnard: Hands off my Sick Days!

In 2016, Arizona voters passed a law, Prop 206, that gives workers the right to earned sick time. Now, Rep. JD Mesnard is trying to make it easier for your employer to fire you for taking the sick time you’ve earned. This is an outrageous attempt to subvert the will of the voters and make life harder for working families. If enough of us speak out, we can stop it. Send a message to Rep. Mesnard here!
Write to Representative Mesnard