Take Action


You’ve probably seen the headlines about Arizona’s critical teacher shortage and the thousands of students starting school this week with uncertified teachers leading their classrooms.

You likely know our state ranks dead last in state supported revenue for schools, leaving most districts with overstuffed classrooms and cuts as large as 75% for building repairs.

But did you know that Arizona’s legislative majority could do something TODAY to help end this crisis?

Arizona has $726 million in reserves–$460 million in rainy day funds and another $266 million surplus. Meanwhile, the courts have determined our schools were shorted $330 million in inflationary funding—money that was approved by voters and mandated for our schools.

It’s time to pay our debt!

Call, email, tweet, and message Governor Ducey. Tell him to call a special session, and demand Republican holdouts settle the lawsuit.

You can reach him here on his Facebook page, on twitter @dougducey, by email at this link, or by phone at 602-542-4331.

Make your voice heard. Encourage the Governor to do the right thing. #PayYourBills