Showing Governor Ducey That Tucson is Still #RedforEd

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In the span of just a few weeks, #RedforEd successfully pushed Governor Ducey to go from offering 1{28335ed37dd724deee500aa029442e0d9d58206d63320e844ba7e9fe720a29c1} teacher raises to calling for 20{28335ed37dd724deee500aa029442e0d9d58206d63320e844ba7e9fe720a29c1}. But that doesn’t mean the movement is over. Ducey’s plan isn’t a long-term solution: it’s full of budget gimmicks and empty promises, not to mention an extra tax imposed just on Tucson residents. On Thursday, Ducey … Read More

2018 Legislative Session in Review: All The Ways We Won

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Sine Die season is finally upon us! We can all rest easy now knowing that the Arizona legislature has finally adjourned and we can no longer worry about their shenanigans-Like attacking womens’ right to abortion, or going after street vendors who just want to sell us tasty treats. It was a long and historic session. We saw a vibrant and … Read More

Teachers Vote to Walk Out!

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For the first time in Arizona history, teachers across the state are about to walk out to demand better for their schools and students. This was not a decision made lightly. But educators are doing what needs to be done. Our schools are missing $1.1 billion in funding, and so far, our legislature and our governor have offered no serious solutions. Stealing money from … Read More

Top Lobbyist Recorded on Tape Admitting Real Goal of School Vouchers To Shift Taxpayer Money to Enrich Private Schools

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One of Arizona’s most powerful lobbyists has been caught on tape saying Arizona’s school voucher program should come with as little student accountability as possible, and telling private-school operators how they can benefit from the program that uses taxpayer dollars. Cathi Herrod is a lobbyist for Center for Arizona Policy and is close to Governor Doug Ducey. Listen to the … Read More

Somehow, things just got worse for Doug Ducey

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Just when it seemed that things couldn’t get any worse for Governor Doug Ducey, they did. Arizona’s governor is now facing a major rebellion from teachers fed up with years of bottom-of-the barrel pay and inadequate school funding. Thousands of teachers rallied at the capitol on Wednesday, wearing stickers with a phrase that would strike fear into any governor’s heart: … Read More

Emails reveal Doug Ducey and Uber kept self-driving program secret

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A cozy relationship with governor Doug Ducey enabled an autonomous program with limited expert oversight – one that ultimately led to a fatal crash -The Guardian, March 28   A shocking report from the Guardian has revealed that Governor Doug Ducey purposefully and deliberately mislead the public on Uber’s self-driving program–a program that had almost no regulation and led to … Read More

#AZWatergate Campaign Update

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 A lot has happened since we launched the #AZWatergate campaign a few weeks ago! The hearings in San Tan Valley, and our #AZWatergate launch, were covered by a wide variety of media outlets – check out this great story on ABC 15. More than 10,000 people watched the press conference on Facebook, and another 10,000 have seen our AZ Watergate video. We learned that Governor Ducey, … Read More

Community Groups Deliver 1,000+ Signatures to Gov. Ducey Calling on Him to Take Down Confederate Monuments

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On Monday, ProgressNow Arizona, the Arizona Coalition for Change and other organizations will deliver 1,000+ petition signatures to Governor Doug Ducey demanding that he advocate for the removal of Confederate monuments on state property and for the changing of the name of the Jefferson Davis Highway.  Also to be delivered are 100 letters from Arizona NAACP chapters, religious leaders, and multiple … Read More

House Majority Leader: Teachers Get Second Jobs to Buy Boats

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Yesterday House Majority Leader John Allen (LD15) said Arizona teachers should have two jobs. While on the House Floor debating SB1042, the teacher de-certification bill, Representative Allen said of teachers working two jobs, “Most of us in this room have a second job. Good for them… That’s America. The idea that we are somehow torturing somebody if they have a second job … Read More