Last Week This Morning: As #RedforEd Grows, Gov. Ducey Reacts

Josselyn and EmilyLast Week This Morning!

Tweet of the Week Read This Governor Doug Ducey and his fellow Republicans are absolutely terrified of the power of the grassroots #RedforEd movement. Read our statement on Ducey’s education shell game. APS has spent more on the 2018 elections than any other public company in the nation. Because why wouldn’t a utility company be focused on electing politicians they like rather than, say, … Read More

Gov. Ducey Is Terrified of #RedforEd

Josselyn and Emily#RedforEd

Governor Doug Ducey and his fellow Republicans are absolutely terrified of the power of the grassroots #RedforEd movement. Yesterday afternoon, after massive teacher-led walk-ins across the state, Governor Ducey spoke at a hastily-arranged press conference and told Arizona teachers that they’d be getting a 9% raise this year and a 20% raise in the next three years. Quite an about-face from … Read More

ProgressNow Arizona Reaction to Governor Ducey’s Teacher Pay Proposal

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Today Governor Ducey announced a last minute funding proposal to appease Arizona educators. Governor Doug Ducey and his fellow Republicans are clearly terrified of the power of the grassroots RedforEd movement. However, the Governor made no mention of how he would pay for his proposed 20 percent over three years salary increase for teachers. As of now, Republican House and … Read More

Last Week This Morning: From 50th place to…49th?

Josselyn and EmilyLast Week This Morning!

Tweet of the Week Read This In places like Arizona, GOP state legislators have spent years cutting public services like education while giving huge hand-outs to rich people and corporations. Now, even their own voters are pushing back. Yuma teacher starts commuting to California to work — and doubles his salary. 9 out of 10 Tempe voters wanted more disclosure of dark money … Read More

Redistricting is a fight for First Peoples and People of Color #AZPowerGrab

Dominique Medina#AZPowerGrab

The leadership in the Senate wants to change the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission (SCR 1034), potentially favoring one party. These changes primarily impact low-income people of color. By putting our communities’ voters into different districts, this initiative could potentially skew elections, unfairly precluding our indigenous tribal communities, small towns and people of color from electing people from their community to … Read More

Tax Cuts for billionaires, peanuts for teachers

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Do you make more than $5 million a year? If not, you’re out of luck: the bill currently being pushed by House Speaker JD Mesnard won’t help you much. As teachers across the state organize to demand adequate funding for our schools, Speaker Mesnard’s top priority is giving a tax cut to billionaires. HB2528 would give a huge tax cut to 183 Arizonans … Read More

#AZWatergate: Become an Intervenor!

Emily Kirkland#AZWatergate

If you’re a Johnson Utilities customer with a horror story (or three!) about customer service, billing, or water quality, file now as an intervenor in the official case pending at the AZ Corporation Commission.  Unlike speaking at a hearing or submitting a public comment, becoming an intervenor allows you to become an active participant in the legal case now pending against … Read More

Top Lobbyist Recorded on Tape Admitting Real Goal of School Vouchers To Shift Taxpayer Money to Enrich Private Schools

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One of Arizona’s most powerful lobbyists has been caught on tape saying Arizona’s school voucher program should come with as little student accountability as possible, and telling private-school operators how they can benefit from the program that uses taxpayer dollars. Cathi Herrod is a lobbyist for Center for Arizona Policy and is close to Governor Doug Ducey. Listen to the … Read More

Somehow, things just got worse for Doug Ducey


Just when it seemed that things couldn’t get any worse for Governor Doug Ducey, they did. Arizona’s governor is now facing a major rebellion from teachers fed up with years of bottom-of-the barrel pay and inadequate school funding. Thousands of teachers rallied at the capitol on Wednesday, wearing stickers with a phrase that would strike fear into any governor’s heart: … Read More