Top Ten Worst Arizonans in 2016

A look back on the worst of the worst…. Arizona’s Republican legislators seem to be competing for worst legislature in the country. These were the people who created SB1070, and SB1062, which legalized LGBTQ discrimination. This year they refused to follow the law and a court order requiring they fully fund K-12 education. After the city of Tempe banned plastic … Read More

My Turn: Why Flake should withdraw his support of Sessions

Daniel Ortega: A vote for Jeff Sessions is an endorsement of this country’s unraveling civil rights protections. Our country’s attorney general is meant to be the “people’s lawyer,” someone who protects the civil liberties of all Americans and acts as the country’s head law-enforcement officer. But President-elect Donald Trump announced recently that his pick for attorney general would be Sen. … Read More

VOTING GUIDE: 2016 Informational Guide for Ballot Measures and Local Elections

It can be hard to find neutral information about elections and research each and every race. The goal of Arizonans for Responsible Voting is to provide voters with all the information they need to vote, and to vote informed. This guide is designed to provide short, clear, independent summaries of the most critical races and propositions so voters can inform … Read More

Our Response to Senator McCain Announcing Republicans Will Continue Obstructing Supreme Court After Election

Phoenix­–In response to Senator John McCain’s statement that he would not support any Supreme Court nominee if Hillary Clinton becomes the next President of the United States, Progress Arizona Executive Director Josselyn Berry stated: “For months John McCain has insisted that he’s holding open a Supreme Court seat for the next president to fill and that voters should get to … Read More

Tell Senators McCain and Flake: Do Your Job on SCOTUS!

Senators John McCain, Jeff Flake and other Senate Republicans have refused to do their job by blockading Chief Judge Merrick Garland’s Supreme Court confirmation. Make sure they know we’re holding them accountable to fulfill their constitutional responsibility and restore the Supreme Court to nine justices. Sign the petition.

Modernize Elections now

Maricopa County sent two ballots — yes, TWO BALLOTS — to some voters for the August primary. Enough is enough. Call on Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell to modernize our elections >>

Sign the Petition to Tell Helen Purcell: Modernize Our Elections

Maricopa County is having trouble administering an election. Again. This time county officials sent two early ballots to some voters who recently changed their registration. Our elections shouldn’t be this complicated. Tell Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell to modernize our elections. Click the image below to sign the petition

Senator John McCain in Tumultuous Interview: Merrick Garland “Not Well-Qualified”

August 5, 2016- Arizona Senator John McCain gave a tumultuous interview on Phoenix’s NPR station, KJZZ  today. Interviewer Phil Latzman even called the interview “feisty.” Listen to the full KJZZ Interview here. Progress Now Arizona tweeted at KJZZ Phoenix to ask Senator McCain about why he continues to block Merrick Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court. When asked, “why is … Read More

Progress Now Arizona Calls on Representative Sonny Borrelli to Withdraw From Race Following Domestic Violence Allegations

Phoenix– Following a recent article published by the Arizona Capitol Times detailing Representative Sonny Borrelli’s involvement in a domestic violence case, Progress Now Arizona believes the Representative should withdraw from his Senate race. Representative Borrelli pled guilty to a domestic violence charge for assaulting his wife at their home in 2001. Borrelli allegedly punched his wife multiple times.