ProgressNow Arizona Reaction to Governor Ducey’s Teacher Pay Proposal

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Today Governor Ducey announced a last minute funding proposal to appease Arizona educators. Governor Doug Ducey and his fellow Republicans are clearly terrified of the power of the grassroots RedforEd movement. However, the Governor made no mention of how he would pay for his proposed 20 percent over three years salary increase for teachers.

As of now, Republican House and Senate leadership seem to have no plan for reconciling the Governor’s proposal with the competing education funding plan released by Speaker Mesnard’s office today.

“The Devil is in the details. Given Ducey’s history of lying about education, the plan that he released today, which doesn’t include even a basic outline of where the money will come from, should be taken with not just a grain of salt, but an ocean’s worth. As recently as this week, Ducey was on the record accusing teachers of putting on a political circus and telling them they should get the facts on education funding. Now he’s hoping our educators will forget his years of disrespect and disregard in exchange for a plan they haven’t even seen,” said Josselyn Berry, Co-director of ProgressNow Arizona.


2 Comments on “ProgressNow Arizona Reaction to Governor Ducey’s Teacher Pay Proposal”

  1. He’s just another Republican who’s been caught by his constituents, trying to squirm out of the reality of WHERE the teacher’s raises will come from. Certainly doesn’t want to go back on Trumps HUGE tax giveaway to the rich, BUT, that would be the smartest course of action to get the funds PROMISED IN GOOD FAITH to teachers across the state!

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